How To Boost Brain Health Of Children With Brain Imbalances

Our children’s brain health is becoming a major concern in today’s society. We must begin looking at how to boost brain health of children with brain imbalances naturally. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood brain disorders. According to the CDC, as of 2011, approximately 11% of children 4-17 years of age (6.4 million) have been diagnosed with ADHD. According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, 2.4 million students are diagnosed with specific learning disabilities. In 2011, 19% of learning disabled students dropped out of school before graduating. Research shows that Autism now affects 1 in 68 children. These statistics show that we have an epidemic on our hands. Children in America are struggling with brain imbalance issues. These issues are keeping our children from reaching their full potential.
What type of issues are we seeing related to these brain imbalances?

  • Behavior issues – Social issues – Emotional issues – Developmental and cognitive delays – Problems learning – Communication issues – Relational issues – Sensory issues and much more

Possible causes of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism include: – Genetics – Brain Injury – Nutritional issues – Environmental toxins and more

According to the CDC, The occurrence of children ages 4-17 using ADHD medication increased from 4.8% in 2007 to 6.1% in 2011. These medications have various side effects such as: – Trouble sleeping – Nausea – Dry mouth – Mood changes – Loss of appetite – Headaches – Dizziness

How to boost brain health of children with brain imbalances naturally.

Exercise: Exercise is like a drug to your brain. When a child exercises it helps the brain to produce a chemical that helps the individual learn. Exercise promotes alertness, increases one’s attention and motivation. This is a very simple way to help in boosting a child’s brain power.

Nutrition: Nutrition can play a vital part in helping to boost brain power in children with issues such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism. A few foods used in boosting a child’s brain power include: – Omega 3’s – Almonds and walnuts – Flax seed and sun flower seeds – Avocados

Essential Oils for brain health:

Essential oils have the ability to help cleanse the body of toxins and helps to balance the body. They are great for brain functioning and in calming. Peppermint essential oil has been used to stimulate alertness and create an environment of mental clarity. Lavender is great for all around relaxation. Vetiver is known for its psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. I deal with symptoms related to ADD such as an inability to focus, jumping from one activity to the next and much more. I place 2 drops of vetiver mixed with a carrier oil on my feet daily. Since using Vetver, I have found myself more focused and calmer as I go through the day. There are many other essential oils and supplements which can help our children.